Peace Lodge, Costa Rica

SONY DSC Peace Lodge is one the kids favorite places.  It is like an eco Disneyland.  They have an indoor butterfly pavilion with a resident sloth, a hummingbird garden, a bird aviary where you can feed the toucans, a frog house and a snake exhibit.   They are part of the La Pas Waterfall gardens, so there are also trails to hike to the waterfalls.SONY DSC

If you stay overnight, you can take the night frog tour in the frog house (Ranarium) by flashlight.  You see many of the exotic frogs that you usually see.  Our favorites were the see through frog that you can see its heart and the red eyed tree frog that is the symbol of Costa Rica.

SONY DSCThe aviary is another favorite.  On our last visit we held and fed a toucan.  You would think that their beaks are going to be hard like a parrot, but they are extremely gentel.  One of the toucans seemed expecially enamored with Rob and kept rubbing her head on his shoulder.

SONY DSCYou can visit for just the day, but it is nice to spend the night so you can have extra time to enjoy the trails and the multitude of things to do.  The rooms all have a fire place and some even have an outdoor hot tub to sit in while you enjoy the view.   This is nice because it can get chilly  up in the hills at night.

OneSONY DSC of the things we tried on this visit was the trout pond.  They will cook up whatever you catch, but we enjoyed catching and releasing the fish.

Below is the Youtube video made by Peace Lodge, as my pictures really can’t do it justice.  There are pictures of everything they have to offer.