Things to do with Kids in Seim Reap/Ankor Wat

DSC02359While the kids enjoy Ta Prohm because the Tomb Raiders / Indiana Jones quality, they were underwhelmed visiting temple after temple all day.  We found some fun activities to bribe them with for more temple exploration.

Pottery – There is a small pottery stand on the main street out to the temples that does do it yourself pottery.  We started with a lump of clay and they helped turn it into a vase.   The kept it overnight, asked us what color we wanted to have it glazed and the next day it was ready for us to pick up.  The kids had a great time and got a chance to try out a pottery wheel.



Bats:  Every evening at sunset, in the park in front of the Victoria Angkor Hotel, the giant bats take flight.

Ice Cream – They serve ice cream at Angkor Café located right across the street from the iconic Angkor Wat.   It is a nice place to cool down from the humidity and a bribe pay off for the kids.

Horse Back Riding -  We took a trail ride through the countryside with The Happy Ranch.   It was a nice easy ride through the countryside.  I would suggest a one-way trip unless you ride often, because we were a little sore after a one hour ride.  DSC02106DSC02147




Travel Details:

Victoria Angkor Hotel - We have stayed here both times we have been to Seim Reap.  It has the feel of a 1920′s classic hotel.   They have good food and the staff is great.  Rob likes to go down to the outside lounge, write post cards, have a beer and eat some of their great spring rolls.   There is also have a great pool.


Mr. Rambo at the Victoria Angkor Hotel, was our tut-tut driver, guide, interpreter and pottery wheel spinner. He was great with the kids and was involved in the Child Safe Cambodia program to help protect children.  He drove the four of us around all day for around $20.

When we visited Angkor Wat previously, I had meticulously arranged with the hotel to pick us up at the airport and arranged a guide and van to take us to the temples.  This time we got a cab at the airport and hired a tut tut driver that the hotel recommended.   I much preferred our second trip as we did not feel so isolated.  The tut tut was great taking us around, and even had rain flaps so we wouldn’t get wet during the afternoon showers.