Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

SONY DSC slothBosque del Cabo is an amazing place to see wildlife. It borders Corcovado nation park located on the Osa Peninsula.  There are monkeys, sloths, birds, tree frogs, toads, and for the lucky, Jaguar.   There are many guided hikes to choose from, but there are also well marked trails for you to go and explore yourself.SONY DSC






The first time we were there, we took the night hike and learned the great trick of holding your flashlight pointing out in front of you, right next to your eye, so it is parallel to your head.  The  light reflects animal and insect eyes.   It is a little disconcerting to try this for the first time and look at the grass, you see all of the tiny little eyes of insects reflected back at you.SONY DSC

Our favorite hike is down to the beach.  It is downhill and they will pick you up at the water, so you don’t have to walk back.   Getting to the water, is the fun part.  There is nothing more exciting than hearing a howler monkey call out when your are walking through the jungle or hearing rustling in the tree branches above you and looking up to see what animal it is.


There is a lodge with bungalows and two rental houses for larger families.   On our first trip we stayed in the bungalows, which are located near the restaurant and pool area.  The second trip we were 5 people, so we stayed at one of the houses.  The house was beautiful and even had its own pool, but it is not for the faint of heart.  The back wall facing the ocean is open, so you can see the view.  The downside to this is that the land crabs and toads come and visit in the evening.   It is about a 1/2  mile walk down to the restaurant and bar area from the house.  There is a kitchen area, but we chose to eat dinner down at the lodge.


There was a lot of camaraderie among the guests that gather nightly in the lounge area for drinks and to discuss all of their animals finds for the day.  Then there is a buffet dinner every night.  We had some great food and the chef made a point to fix something for the kids if they did not like what was on the menu.

If you only have one place to go in Costa Rica and you want to see animals, I would recommend going to the Osa Peninsula.  I am including the video from their website, since pictures speak a thousand words.   A friend of mine stayed at Lapa Rios which is next door to Bosque de Cabo and raved about it.